ANA ANA live @ Flop Bar, Berlin

ANA ANA live! 

Hello my beautiful people,

today, I am happy! Why? ANA ANA live!
This friday, February 12th, 2016, we will play our first gig at the nice and small Flop Bar in Berlin Wedding. It will be great fun, I know it!

After staying in bed for more than one and a half weeks now – the flu got me – I am happy to start singing again. That, in fact, is not as easy as it sounds – and sometimes (when I have this bad cough) it does not even sound easily. Well, we will see how much I will sing and how much I will cough in the end.

Still, I am preparing a lot. I will play piano and sing, accompanied by my drummer Christoph. We have a full set list for about one hour, including some of the old and some BRAND NEW songs! (I just have to write it in capital – sorry guys, I am too excited!) Again:


Yes, there are some new and exciting songs for ANA ANA in the pipeline! Some – let me count them… five (!) AND a cover (!) will be played at the following gigs! Yeah! Chaka! Hold your hat! 🙂

What cover? I cannot tell you about it, right now, but if you are coming to one of the shows, you will certainly recognize that song. And this is also very special as we are playing this specific song with a special guest! Awww.. so many exciting things are coming…

So, be punctual and safe the date:

Friday, February 12th, 2016, 10pm
ANA ANA live @ Flop Bar, Berlin