HOW IT FEELS – 5 days left

Hello everyone,

I realized that my upcoming single HOW IT FEELS is just five days far from today. OMG 😀 I can hardly wait for it to come out and want to share it with you RIGHT NOW!

HOW IT FEELS is the first single I am releasing in 2016 and it is already a big step forwards when I compare it to my last album. The style has changed a little bit from the previous songs: It is a bit faster, more fancy and got that touch of a pop track with juicy drums and reversed voices.
The first idea for that track came into my mind when I was travelling to DĂźsseldorf. I recorded the background voices very roughly with the computer mics to keep it in mind. And when I was back home, I recorded the rest and styled it – as always, beginning with my piano. All of my songs are really home-made (like cookies :3). The final prodcution and mix was done by Marcel Neumann (WBTBWB).

So, five days to remain calm. Check the cover and love it 😉