New gigs scheduled

Hello ANA ANA likers, followers and supporters, haters and all! 🙂

It is a while ago that I have written about the latest gigs. To summarize it again, there was one at Flop Bar, Berlin and I was invited to play at the Electro Pop festival at Hangar 49 in Berlin.

Both gigs were really exciting for us and I got good critics which helps me and us developping a bit more. Thank you for being at one or both show dates.

The live setup of ANA ANA is me on the piano and vocals, my lovely drummer Christoph and a guitarist, Pascal, for one song. For the next gigs, I will check the setup again as I would like to “enlarge” it for everyone’s joy :3

… which leads me to the point about new gigs!

I am actually quiet busy at work, but still, I am working for my beloved project ANA ANA as soon as I am home. My mails are floating the venue inboxes… 😀 And so, I could arrange the next gig at Junction Bar in Berlin Kreuzberg!
We will play a longer set with known and unknown songs by ANA ANA as well as a cover of one song – which one could that be?

Also, I am going to looking for venues in other cities and we are planning to come over to Hamburg and Ruhrgebiet, soon! Let me know if you want us to play in your city 😉

More information to come on my facebook page and this amazing website! :3

With love,