New Year, New Songs

Hello lovelies,

sorry for being super quiet over the last few weeks. But, as you may know, I was busy with gigs in Warsaw and Berlin and writing of course! There are a few new songs in the making and some are actually in the mixing. And I got a super cool opportunity which will be released on January 26th, 2017!

ANA ANA was invited to play at a show of Warsaw Music Week and Pop Up Club Berlin in Warsaw, End of October 2016. This was so much fun! We played in an old strip club (yeah, you got it right) and used the dancing platform for our performance. Here is a sneak peak: ANA ANA - Warsaw Music Week 2016

We went there just for that one gig – what a travel day! But it was 100% worth it. So much fun, so many new faces and so good to get this opportunity! Still stunning!

ANA ANA - Warsaw Music Week 2016 02

We used the weeks after to come back to normal life and work. But still, there were so many things to do – planning for 2017, concert schedule, new songs…

NEW SONGS! I have actually a surprise with one of the songs: My drummer Christoph and I went to the studio to record one song as acoustic version! YES, I said it. This song will come out soon, including the video of that live recording (as proof for you that we are actually real musicians). I will keep you updated on this, too. And this song, ladies and gents, will be Back & Forth. I am really looking forward to its release and hope to get some feedback from your side, especially about the acoustic version. It is the first time that I am going to release it in those ways and well, let me know what you think!

And another song is in the pipeline – a cover version of a Lou Reed song. I cannot talk about that much at the moment, but if you are following my channels, you will get more hints. Important fact: January 26th, 2017 in all well-assorted “Spätis” and Kiosks in Germany.

This is it for now. The only resolution I still have to do a bit better is to write more blog posts for you. I will try my best for 2017. “The year is still young” as Germans would say. 🙂