ANA ANA – Back & Forth (Acoustic)

ANA ANA – Back & Forth (Acoustic)

written by Anastasia Schöck
(c) (p) 2017 ANA ANA

Release Date: March 13th, 2017

Video: Valquire
Mix & Master: Pascal Coulon Bauer
Band: Anastasia Schöck (voc, keys), Christoph Steiner (drums), Pascal Coulon-Bauer (bass)
Cover Art: Christoph Gromer

The Story

Two fall in love, but no one wants to make the first step. A chaotic mixture of feelings, destruction, progress – back and forth. This relationship ends before it even begun.

With Back & Forth (Acoustic), I am releasing the first acoustic version of one of my songs including music video of the acoustic session! I am super excited as that acoustic version of Back & Forth conveys the crudeness and fragility of the song and message even better. Back & Forth is an honest pop song – the video of Back & Forth gives this raw and intimate feeling to the viewer. Watch the video of Back & Forth and its Acoustic session here and enjoy. Thanks for reading, watching and listening!