Behind the song: YOU GOT ME



– Behind the song –


Actually, this song just got me around – and I hope you, too!

Once, a certain person asked me how I write songs and I explained how that works with me and a song: Either I sit on the piano and play a bit and then (for sure more accidentally) something pops up which I follow to develop something out of it.
Or it happens that I have a feeling and maybe even a sentence in my head, coming from a certain and very specific situation. I feel it, I sing it, I sing it in my phone to remember it. And I already develop something in my head – a whole song. When I am back at my desk, I start to re-construct the feeling and idea. Sometimes I do not remember it so much and another idea will be created out of the first one. And other times – to be honest, so far just a little of all of these inspiration-creation processes – this feeling become a song with all its memories and emotions.

I start to re-contruct the feeling…

Last happened with “Back and Forth” which resulted as well as “YOU GOT ME“.

Though, now, one has to say, that YOU GOT ME is totally different from its mood and feeling and you might ask why. Here are the facts behind the song “YOU GOT ME” and while writing that, I almost feel a bit ashamed. 🙂

After explaining to him how my songs are written, the guy wondered why so many of my songs are melancholic. And he was scared that there were so many true stories or parts in them. So he said “I hope I will only be a happy inspiration”.

ANA ANA 2017 - photo by Valquire

“I hope I will be a happy inspiration”

What he did not know this time: I had already written several songs with him as inspiration. But have they been so incredible “happy”? I wondered. Maybe I was not able to write any “happy songs”? How do you write a happy song?

And I actually do not know when or what exactly happened, but on the way home one day in late April, I was singing the background line “Oh oh oh oh oh oh”. And in my head, I heard it layered while singing “You got me ’round”. That was it! I was hearing myself singing and had to laugh because I just had the whole thing in my head, I heard it and well, this was THE song.

I still would say it is not super incredible 0815-shitty happy, but hey, I am not the 0815-chart songwriter. The world is not only pink.

This was THE song

I produced the track and discussed it with Pascal, my mixing-MASTER(ing) and were coming back again one month later to do final edits. And this is it, here you go, this is the final result: A sexy, emotional, upbuilding track with a strong hook and female voice (oui, c’est moi), to keep in mind, to sing along, to swing if you want.

It makes me happy and this is what I had to find out myself: When it makes me happy, it is my happy song. It can be also your happy song – I share it with you.

So, please let me know what you think about it! How do you feel?




PS: Filip, this is yours.